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Vaultive: Cloud Data Security Platform with SafeNet KeySecure/Virtual KeySecure

About Vaultive

Vaultive, a cloud data security company, enables organizations to move security to Office 365 as well as other leading cloud platforms. The Vaultive Cloud Data Security Platform automatically encrypts data before it goes to the cloud and gives sole custody of the encryption keys to the customer. This approach gives organizations complete control and ownership of their data wherever it resides while delivering a seamless, native experience to software-as-a-service to end users.


The Vaultive Cloud Data Security Platform encrypts SaaS application data for the entire duration of its lifecycle in the cloud while preserving SaaS user functionality, and SafeNet KeySecure offers secure and centralized key management. Integrating these two solutions allows for best-practice separation of controls between an administrator managing the cloud environment and an organization's security professionals managing the data protection and encryption keys.  This separation of controls removes major barriers to cloud adoption by ensuring that service providers do not have access to plain text data nor encryption keys. This in turn supports adherence to complex data residency and privacy regulations as well as to industry specific compliance requirements when moving to the cloud - ultimately giving your organization the protection you need to move data to the cloud.

Vaultive: Cloud Data Security Platform with SafeNet KeySecure/Virtual KeySecure

470 Atlantic Ave 12th FL
Boston, Ma 02210
North America
Main Phone: 1.617.641.6862

Integrated Application(s):

    Vaultive Cloud Data Security Platform: Cloud Services and SafeNet KeySecure/Virtual KeySecure

    The powerful rule-based policy engine built into Vaultive’s Cloud Data Security Platform enables rapid integration with your web-based SaaS applications. Best practice methods ensure data is encrypted at the boundary of an organization’s protected network, and IT teams retain exclusive control of encryption keys. An integrated solution for both cloud encryption and key management reduce the cost and effort of securing multiple cloud services and managing the keys for disparate security solutions. You can manage and deploy keys in physical, virtual, and public cloud environments. A patented processes preserve characteristics of the data so that it can be indexed, searched, and sorted while remaining encrypted, with no end user training or action required. Using the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) standard, SafeNet Key Secure can centrally manage the data owner’s keys. Since SafeNet Key Secure is capable of managing the cryptographic material of any solution that employs the KMIP standard, additional solutions can be integrated quickly while reserving the integrity of the data encryption keys at the root of the offering.

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