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S2M: Card Issuance and Management with SafeNet

About S2M

S2M is a pioneer in the payment systems business and benefits from a worldwide acknowledged expertise. Its sturdy and top-quality solutions, based on its packaged software Select System, are being used by more than hundred banks in America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The company is also the regional market leader for smart card solutions, chequebook personalization, bankcard personalization, and electronic publishing and mailing services. S2M integrates with SafeNet Luna EFT to provide users with a card issuance and management solution.


S2M provides efficient payment processing solutions. Knowing financial transactions are always of a highly sensitive nature, S2M increases its strong security for its Select System solution with SafeNet Luna EFT HSM.

S2M: Card Issuance and Management with SafeNet

Casa Nearshore Park – 2C – 306, 1100 Bd El Quods, Quartier Sidi Maârouf
Casablanca, 20270
Main Phone: +212 (0) 522 87 83 00 or +212 (0) 522 87 83 01
Fax:+212 (0) 522 87 83 33

Integrated Application(s):

    S2M SELECT: Card Issuance and Management with SafeNet Luna EFT
    S2M’s flagship Select Software incorporates the latest technological innovations into its payment, card issuance, and identification solutions. SafeNet Luna EFT integrates with S2M SELECT to increase its security and protection features. Luna EFT HSM specifically meets the needs of payment processors, card issuers, acquirers, merchants, and e-payment solution providers who need to adhere to EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) security standards. SafeNet Luna EFT offers comprehensive EMV support from transaction processing to card issuance capabilities.

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