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Security-as-a-Service Solutions for Service Providers

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With increasing pressure to deliver convenient services and access to company data – from any device, anywhere in the world – enterprises will require solutions that can help expand their digital footprint while protecting their businesses. Because service providers are at the core of the information flow, they are uniquely positioned to deliver the convenient services/delivery models their customers require while mitigating the risks enterprises face with cloud-based security services.

Gemalto provides the security solutions and resources that enable service providers to deliver profitable, new managed security services to help their customers achieve compliance with stringent data privacy regulations and ensure that sensitive corporate assets, customer information, and digital transactions are safe – all while building margins and winning deals for your organization.

Our Partnership with Service Providers

Gemalto works with all types of service providers, including systems integrators, MNOs, telcos, and cloud providers, to help them build a Security-as-a-Service platform with fully-connected, centrally managed identity and data protection solutions that meet the needs of their customers today and scales tomorrow.

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Security Solutions for Cloud Service Providers

Cloud providers can enhance trust in their cloud services platform by adding encryption, key management, and strong authentication and identity management solutions that enable their customers to remain protected, compliant, and in control of their data as they adopt cloud and hosted services.

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Security Solutions for Telco Service Providers

Telco Service Providers are uniquely positioned to deliver trusted, convenient security services to customers, providing enterprises persistent protection of sensitive data, with scalable solutions for user authentication, encryption, and key management. All while increasing average revenue per user and reducing the Telco's liability.

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Become a Service Provider Partner

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Gemalto has developed a comprehensive portfolio of Identity and Data Protections solutions designed with the enterprise in mind but built with a go-to-market model for service providers. Partner with Gemalto to build a Security-as-a-Service platform to offer fully-connected, centrally managed identity and data protection solutions that meet the needs of customers today and scales tomorrow.

Gemalto’s solutions work in all environments from data centers all the way to multi-cloud environments, enabling your customers to secure applications, workloads, and data in whatever environments their businesses require today and in the future – all while building margins and winning deals for your organization.

Paths to Revenue Growth:

  • Enhance your business model with on-going, annuity revenues for cloud-based services.
  • Bundle Gemalto solutions with other products or services within your portfolio as a value-added service, increasing revenue per user.
  • Accelerate innovation and increase revenue with Gemalto’s go-to-market enablement model offering sales training, professional services, marketing enablement, and sales support that help your organization quickly and efficiently bring new services to market and speed customer adoption.
  • Offer more opportunities for professional services. Gemalto offers professional services packages giving you access to Gemalto experts to accelerate the offering’s deployment, so your organization can quickly recognize a return on investment.
  • Through customized security consulting, Gemalto provides you with security solutions that are designed to address your customer’s needs.
  • Build your security services portfolio to further monetize customer relationships with security solutions by Gemalto.
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