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Oberthur Card Systems

About Oberthur Card Systems

Oberthur Card Systems' core business for the past 30 years has been about developing security software embedded in objects primarily in the Payment, Telecommunications and Identity markets. Mobility has become a way of life and creates an opportunity for the company to develop and manage new security solutions to protect the digital assets of their customers and end-users. Oberthur research shows the US has half the credit card fraud in the world, even with only a quarter of credit card transactions being here. Oberthur solutions are designed to eliminate fraud and part of its efforts include partnering with SafeNet ProtectServer Hardware Security Module (HSM) to provide greater protection for smart cards and card systems.


Oberthur provides card issuance and management solutions that help eliminate fraud. Their comprehensive range of products, services and solutions encompass contactless payment, gift and prepaid cards . Cards are a reflection of identity, which requires strong protection. SafeNet ProtectServer integrates with Oberthur products to bring enhanced security to the smart card issuance process and its management. 

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Oberthur Card Systems

1840 Woodward Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K2C0P7
North America
Main Phone: 613-226-8695

Integrated Application(s):

    Oberthur Card Systems CPS: Card Issuance and Management with SafeNet ProtectServer HSM
    Smart card account details, including cryptographic keys and certificates, are used to authenticate cards and create digital signatures.  The digital signature is unique to the transaction and cannot be reused successfully – thereby adding security to smart card usage. SafeNet ProtectServer HSM is a PCI-compliant expansion card that is FIPS 140-2 level 3-validated. ProtectServer adds extra security to payment processes by providing crypto management and security that also safeguards identity and authentication to provide safe access to systems and services, making it a perfect complement to Oberthur’s Card Systems.

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