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OATI: Digital Signatures with SafeNet Luna SA HSM

About OATI

OATI provides solutions for the operational challenges of energy providers in an industry that is constantly changing. Changes in technology, market demand, and regulations require utility companies to constantly adapt. Operating since 1995, OATI has provided their solutions to more than 1,200 energy industry customers and more than 98% of North American energy industry organizations. OATI webCARES product is a proprietary Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Authority (CA) platform, an environment their customers trust. To ensure this level of trust, OATI integrates with SafeNet Luna SA Hardware Security Measure (HSM) to implement a secure digital signatures solution.


Since 1995, more than 1,200 energy industry customers trust OATI to host and maintain their OATI PKI and CA solutions on WebCARES, their field-proven, proprietary and managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. OATI offers availability and redundancy, as well as undergoes annual third-party audits to ensure high security measures. It also integrates with Luna SA HSM for a strong crypto management solution that helps achieve its high security standards and provide its users with a powerful combined SafeNet and OATI Crypto Management solution.

OATI: Digital Signatures with SafeNet Luna SA HSM

3660 Technology Drive
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418
United States
North America
Main Phone: 763-201-2000

Integrated Application(s):

    OATI webCARES: Digital Signatures with SafeNet Luna SA
    webCARES is OATI’s private cloud infrastructure designed to be a secure platform that offers the security of PKI, both physical and virtual, which is critical for reliability and trust in CA operations.  Another essential component for security is SafeNet’s Luna SA HSM which integrates with the OATI webCARES platform to provide users with a secure digital signatures solution.  Luna SA HSM, as a tamper-proof appliance, provides additional cryptographic security for digital signatures, hardware key storage, certificate signing, code or document signing, bulk key generation, data encryption, and more. This brings another layer of best-in-class cyber security OATI’s energy platform.

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