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N&TS Group: EFT Payments with SafeNet

About N&TS Group

N&TS Group, founded in Milan in 1995, is leader in software development for monetics and electronic transactions management, and payment systems with debit, credit and petrol cards. N&TS Group’s FTFS, MTFS, IGFS, ACFS integrate with SafeNet Luna EFT and ProtectServer Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to provide users with secure electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments solutions.


N&TS Group develops advanced technology and cutting-edge solutions in the applications of e-payments using debit, credit and petrol cards and electronic funds transfers (EFT). To add extra security to these critical transactions, N&TS Group incorporates SafeNet Luna EFT and ProtectServer into its systems.

N&TS Group: EFT Payments with SafeNet

Strada 4 Palazzo A5
Milanofiori, Assago 20090
+39 02 822 7651
Fax: +39 02 575 1417 0

Integrated Application(s):

    N&TS Group FTFS, MTFS, IGFS, AGFS: EFT Payments with SafeNet Hardware Security Modules
    N&TS’s suite, Financial Systems, includes FTFS Terminal Management, MTFS Payment Processors, IGFS Payment Gateway, and ACFS Card Management designed for the e-payment market, offering functional flexibility, modularity, and linear scalability of performance and volumes. For extra security, SafeNet Luna EFT and ProtectServer HSMs add extra security to the EFT payment process. To specifically meet the needs of payment processors, card issuers, merchants, and e-payment solution providers, Luna EFT provides FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified protection for the cryptographic keys used to secure financial transactions. ProtectServer is a PCI-compliant expansion card that is also FIPS 140-2 level 3-validated, providing crypto management and security that safeguards digital keys against physical attacks and data theft.

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