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FalconStor: Backup and Storage with SafeNet

About FalconStor

FalconStor provides backup and restore solutions for managing large volume of data. Their technology ensures data availability and system uptime for nonstop business productivity, while simplifying storage management and improving efficiency to reduce operational costs. FalconStor’s backup and storage solutions are open, integrated, and scalable, providing IT departments the freedom to leverage the hardware and connectivity of their choice when managing large volumes of data. FalconStor’s Backup/Restore Application works with SafeNet KeySecure to provide data protection and secure management during backup and storage processes.


With data growth doubling every two years, company IT departments worldwide are challenged with managing these large volumes of data. To protect such large volumes of data, FalconStor works with SafeNet KeySecure to provide data protection and secure management during backup and storage processes.

FalconStor: Backup and Storage with SafeNet

2 Huntington Quadrangle, 2S01
Melville, New York 11747
United States
North America
Main Phone: 631.777.5188

Integrated Application(s):

    FalconStor: Backup and Storage with KeySecure

    FalconStor’s Backup/Restore Application brings a new approach over legacy backup and restore options, providing holistic, non-disruptive and de-duplication functionality. Managing large volumes of data requires ultra-reliable security measures, which include encrypting data and managing cryptographic keys.

    For enhanced data security, FalconStor relies on SafeNet KeySecure, a KMIP-compatible Enterprise Key Management solution where keys can be stored and managed from a single, centralized platform. With KeySecure, available in physical or virtual appliance options, administrators can protect data at rest by simultaneously managing multiple, disparate encryption appliances and the associated keys through a single, centralized key management platform.

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