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BMC: SaaS and Web Apps with Thales

About BMC

BMC Software helps leading companies around the world leverage complex technology and improve the delivery and consumption of digital services while experiencing faster performance. From mainframes to cloud to mobile, BMC provides IT service management solutions. BMC RemedyForce relies on SafeNet Trusted Access to provide secure access to SaaS and web applications.


BMC RemedyForce is built on SalesForce1 and delivers interactive IT support services that are accessible from anywhere at anytime. RemedyForce also empowers support teams with real-time social collaborative and knowledge management. Before allowing users access to web applications, RemedyForce adds a layer of security with SafeNet Trusted Access  to ensure only authorized users can gain access to these applications.

BMC: SaaS and Web Apps with Thales

2101 CityWest Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77042
United States
North America
Main Phone: (713) 918-8800

Integrated Application(s):

    BMC RemedyForce: SaaS and Web Apps with SafeNet Trusted Acess

    BMC RemedyForce incorporates SafeNet Trusted Access  for increased secure access to SaaS and web apps solutions such as Salesforce/Remedy/Force. The addition of SafeNet Trusted Access dramatically raises the level of security from static passwords to dynamic passwords for strong, two-factor user identification.

    Building on Thales’s award winning authentication service, SafeNet Trusted Access combines authentication and access management in a fully integrated cloud service. Our service lets you transform your business and operate securely in the cloud by preventing data breaches, simplifying access for users, and enabling compliance.

    Resources and Additional Information:

    SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) is now SafeNet Trusted Access (STA).


    For STA SAML integrations, please refer to STA Application Catalog.

    For STA RADIUS integrations, please refer to STA RADIUS Integration guides page on Thales Customer Portal.


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