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Bell ID: Card Issuance and Management with SafeNet

About Bell ID

With over 20 years of expertise, Bell ID develops chip lifecycle management software that enables banks, governments and enterprises worldwide to issue and manage credentials on mobile devices and smart cards. Bell ID’s primary strength lies in managing tokens within complex environments where multiple issuers, token types, applications, keys and certificates need to interact securely. Bell ID integrates with SafeNet Hardware Security Modules to perform card issuance and management functionalities.


Bell ID software solutions are used worldwide by governments, leading financial institutions and large corporations to manage their identity credentials, payment cards and secure applications. The company’s solutions meet the demanding requirements of international standardization bodies such as EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa). When EMV chip cards are issued, a key management system manages cryptographic keys between authorized parties.

Cryptographic keys are an essential element on EMV tokens and are used for data encryption, decryption, verification, authentication and authorization. SafeNet ProtectServer and Luna SA integrate with Bell ID’s EMV key management, data preparation, and personalization software to increase the level of security protection.

Bell ID: Card Issuance and Management with SafeNet

Stationsplein 45 A6.002
Rotterdam, 3013 AK
Main Phone: +31 10 885 1010 or
Fax:+31 10 885 1011

Integrated Application(s):

    Bell ID EMV Key Management, Data Preparation, Personalization: Card Issuance and Management with SafeNet Hardware Security Modules
    SafeNet Luna SA and ProtectServer integrate with Bell ID EMV Key Management, Data Preparation, and Personalization to provide additional security to card issuance and management functionalities. SafeNet’s ProtectServer HSM is a PCI-compliant hardware security module in a card form factor and Luna SA is a tamper-proof hardware appliance. Luna SA brings security to the complexity within EMV issuing environments for all form factors (smart cards, mobile devices, tokens). ProtectServer brings security inside a card form-factors itself.

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