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Adobe with SafeNet Data Protection

About Adobe

Adobe Systems Incorporated offers a comprehensive line of software for enterprise and creative professional customers. Its products enable customers to create, manage, and deliver visually rich, compelling, and reliable content. Adobe is one of the world's largest PC software companies, with annual revenues exceeding US$3 billion. The company employs approximately 7,000 people worldwide and has its headquarters in San Jose, California. Adobe is well-known for its document creation and document security solutions, as well as its industry-leading creative software.


Adobe offers document creation and document security applications that integrate with SafeNet crypto management and authentication solutions to provide users with powerful digital signature and code signing integration.

Adobe with SafeNet Data Protection

345 Park Avenue
San Jose, California 9510
United States
North America
Main Phone: 408-536-6000

Integrated Application(s):

    Adobe Acrobat Reader X: Digital Signatures and SafeNet Authentication

    The combination of eToken and Adobe Acrobat enables the strongest utilization of digital signatures. Within the Acrobat program, user should perform exactly the same process to digitally sign or secure its documents while picking the digital certificate that stored in the eToken. This process enables users to create certified documents that authenticate their identity and validate the integrity. Since users carry their certificates and credentials with them, eToken provides easy and fully portable way to access documents.

    Resources and Additional Information

    Download the Digital Signatures solution brief

    Adobe LiveCycle Digital Signatures: Code Signing and Luna SA

    Adobe® LiveCycle™ Document Security software enables organizations to digitally sign, encrypt, and decrypt sensitive documents on the server, so that they can confidently bring more paper-based processes online. With standards-based PKI encryption and digital signatures automatically applied to each document, enterprises gain greater assurance of a document's authenticity, integrity, and privacy, thereby increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

    SafeNet’s Luna SA hardware security module provides industry-based best practices hardware to enhance protection of the signing and encryption digital certificates used by the Adobe software. By securing the certificates that protect corporate identities, Luna SA ensures that the digital identity of documents is secure throughout the corporate workflow. 

    Resources and Additional Information:


    Adobe LiveCycle Digital Signatures and Luna SA Integration Guide

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