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Cyberoam: Authentication with SafeNet

About Cyberoam

Cyberoam Technologies, a Sophos Company, is a global Network Security appliances provider, offering organizations future-ready security solutions to physical and virtual networks with its Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) and Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances.

Cyberoam integrates with the SafeNet Authentication Service to secure remote access to corporate resources with a strong multi-factor authentication solution.


The virtual and hardware Cyberoam Central Console appliances offer Centralized Security Management options to organizations, while Cyberoam iView allows intelligent logging and reporting with one-of-their-kind, in-depth reports. Cyberoam is accredited with global standards and certifications like EAL4+, CheckMark UTM Level 5 Certification, ICSA Labs, IPv6 Gold logo, and is a member of the Virtual Private Network Consortium.

SafeNet Authentication Service provides additional security via strong authentication, which augments existing log on mechanisms by requiring dynamic, one-time passwords.

Cyberoam: Authentication with SafeNet

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North America

Integrated Application(s):

    Cyberoam UTM: Remote Access and SafeNet Authentication Solutions

    Cyberoam (UTMs and next-generation firewalls) offer enterprise-class network security with state-of-the-art firewall inspection, VPN, and IPS. It offers Layer 8 identity-based controls, and Layer 7 application visibility and controls. Cyberoam ensures high levels of network security, network connectivity, continuous availability, and secure remote access with controlled network access to road warriors, telecommuters, partners, and customers. 

    SafeNet Authentication Service delivers a fully automated, versatile, and strong authentication-as-a-service solution. With no infrastructure required, SafeNet Authentication Service provides smooth management processes and highly flexible security policies, token choice, and integration APIs.


    SafeNet Authentication Manager  is a versatile authentication solution that allows you to match the authentication method and form factor to your functional, security, and compliance requirements. Use this innovative management service to handle all authentication requests and to manage the token lifecycle. 

    Resources and Additional Information

    SAS Using Radius on Cyberoam UTM
    SAM Using Radius Protocol on Cyberoam UTM

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